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London based sibling duo Soul Sisters are Maddy & Alex Weaver, two personal trainers and nutritionists who are dedicated to the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. They run classes and one-on-one tuition from their private studio and gym in De Beauvoir, East London, where they have gained a great client base thanks to their successes with personal training, physical conditioning, body transformations and nutrition guides.
Big sister Maddy completed degrees in both nutrition and personal training and has been helping the Kensington elite attain their desired physique for some years. It was when little sister Alex, a television and film actress, became fascinated by fuelling the body with good food and exercise on-set, that the sisters decided to team up and form Soul Sisters Fitness. A place to share what they had learned and were practising every day in their respective fields.
Today they use their encyclopaedia of knowledge for meeting a diverse range of athletic goals, they run boot camps, body transformation packages and write nutrition guides for their ever growing client base.


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